Clinics & Services


Asthma Review

Annual Asthma Reviews are carried out by our Practice Nurse.  She can offer advice on the most suitable medication for you along with correct inhaler techniques. Please attend your review if you have asthma and have been advised to do so or have not been seen for a least one year.  We are keen to ensure that you are receiving the best available treatment.


Diabetes Review

Annual Diabetes Reviews are carried out with our Practice Nurse.  Please attend the clinic if you have diabetes and have either been advised to do so or have not been seen for at least one year - this is vital for overall care and to address any potential problems and so help to prevent any complications.         



If you discover that you are pregnant please make an appointment with the GPs who will refer you to the Midwife.


Antenatal Clinics

The Antenatal Clinics are held at Brenchley Surgery



Over 75s

May be seen and assessed either at the surgery or at home.