Covid-19 vaccination clinics information

Covid-19 vaccinations for our patients are being provided by the Ridge Primary Care Network from The Headcorn Aerodrome, TN27 9HX .

There will be home visits arranged for housebound patients, and this is in the process of being completed.

Please read the questions and answers below about our local vaccination service. Our phone lines are very busy; please help us to keep lines open for people needing to make appointments for other health matters.


Q. Which priority group are they currently inviting?

A. As of 09th February they are currently inviting:

  • All over 80s (cohort contacted / completed)
  • All over 75s (cohort contacted / completed)
  • All over 70s (cohort contacted / completed)
  • All over 65s (currently being invited)
  • All patients who have previously received a letter to shield (currently being invited.

If you have missed the call or have not been contacted and fall in one of these cohorts, please see below how to book an appointment online)


Q. How do you prioritise who is invited first from people in each priority group?

A. There is no sub prioritisation, and they will contact and book all patients from the priority groups as above, as identified by each individual practice based on the age categories.


Q. How are you contacting people to invite them for a vaccine?

A. Please DO NOT phone your surgery about this service. You may be called by the Ridge Primary Care Network Staff/Volunteers or by the local Borough Council (who are kindly supporting the booking of appointments) and invited for your vaccination appointment.

If you have already received a phone call, and have an appointment booked, and if you then need to contact them about the appointment (practical details only), you can email them on Please note this email address has a 24 hour response time, and will be unable to answer medical queries. Please do not phone any GP surgery with questions about your vaccination appointment, but only use the email address provided above or ring The Ridge PCN office on 01622 298723.

 Please take warm clothing and some form of identification to your appointment.


Q. If I cannot attend an appointment what should I do?

AIf you have received and accepted an invitation for a Covid-19 vaccine we would strongly encourage you to prioritise coming to the appointment. If for unavoidable reasons you cannot make it please email to cancel so that they can invite someone else.


Q. How are you supporting patients with dementia to get vaccinated?

A. We have requested that carers / next of kin be contacted to assist with the booking of the appointments for this cohort of patients.


Q. Is there transport available for getting to the vaccine clinic?

A. We would ask that anyone who does not have their own transport tries to arrange a lift with a friend or relative. There is currently no transport available otherwise, unless you arrange a taxi. 


Q. What if I had COVID-19 recently, should I still have the vaccination?

A. Covid vaccinations cannot be given within 28 days of a positive Covid test result, or within 7 days of a flu jab.  Please advise the caller of the date when you tested positive, in order to re-call you at a later stage.


Q. When will I have my second dose of the vaccine?

A. Your second appointment date will be given to you at the time of your appointment, but will be on the same week day, of week 11 following your 1st vaccine, at the same venue and at the same time as your first appointment.  This is as per current Government guidelines and is not flexible.  You will be updated should your second appointment date change if guidelines change during this period.


Q. Can I book my appointment online?

A. At the moment the facility tobook your vaccine is only available through the national NHS booking service following receipt of an invitation letter. This will be for the Ticehurst Vaccination Centre, located at the Ticehurst Village Hall, Lower High Street, Ticehurst, TN5 7BB and other mass vaccination centres only. You would need to be part of the cohort / age group currently being contacted for an appointment. Please click here to be directed to the national booking service.

The local online booking service for the Ridge Primary care network has currently been suspended due to inappropriate bookings being made by patients outside of the current cohorts. Patients currently eligible will be contacted either by phone or text. The online booking service will be re-instated once all eligible patients have been contacted.

Published: Jan 26, 2021